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Photo of the Event Hall at Farm 12
Photo Courtesy: Farm 12 & Gina Paulson


Latitude: 47.1854° N
Longitude: -122.2929° W

The home of the Washington State Fair and The Puget Sound Photo Booth Co.


Latitude: 47.6062° N
Longitude: -122.3321° W

Where our love for coffee, the Seahawks, and photo booths come together.

Photo of the Ballroom at The Four Seasons Seattle
Photo Courtesy: Four Seasons Seattle
Photo of the Grand Ballroom at the Silver Cloud Hotel Tacoma at Point Ruston Waterfront
Photo Courtesy: Silver Cloud Hotel Tacoma at Point Ruston Waterfront


Latitude: 47.2529° N
Longitude: -122.4443° W

The Tacoma waterfront is stunning. Just like our Photo Booth.


Latitude: 47.6104° N
Longitude: -122.2007° W

A thriving city that loves throwing extravagant events. Perfect for The Glam Booth.

Photo of Center Hall at Meydenbauer Center
Photo Courtesy: Meydenbauer Center
Photo of Siren Song Vineyard Estate & Winery
Photo Courtesy: Siren Song Vineyard Estate & Winery


Latitude: 47.8381° N
Longitude: -120.0254° W

Home of some of the finest vineyards and wineries in Washington.


Latitude: 47.6588° N
Longitude: -117.4260° W

Home of the Zags.

Photo of the Grand Ballroom inside The Davenport Grand
Photo Courtesy: Davenport Grand
Photo of Hotel Indigo
Photo Courtesy: Hotel Indigo


Latitude: 47.9789° N
Longitude: -122.2021° W

Where the 747, 767, 777, and 787 are assembled.


Latitude: 47.4829° N
Longitude: -122.2171° W

Where the 737 is assembled.

Photo of the Lake Washington Ballroom at the Hyatt Regency Lake Washington
Photo Courtesy: Hyatt Regency Lake Washington
Photo of the Baptist Event Center
Photo Courtesy: Baptist Event Center


Latitude: 46.6021° N
Longitude: -120.5059° W

Famous for vineyards and fruit orchards.


Latitude: 47.0379° N
Longitude: -122.9007° W

The capital of Washington State.

Photo of The Heritage Room
Photo Courtesy: The Heritage Room
Photo of the terrace ceremony setting at The Heathman Lodge
Photo Courtesy: The Heathman Lodge


Latitude: 45.6387° N
Longitude: -122.6615° W

The gateway to Portland.


Latitude: 47.3809° N
Longitude: -122.2348° W

Where work gets done, and things get shipped.

Photo of the barn at The Olson Mansion
Photo Courtesy: The Olson Mansion
Photo of Sanders Estate
Photo Courtesy: Sanders Estate


Latitude: 47.3073° N
Longitude: -122.2285° W

Where the horses race.


Latitude: 47.6815° N
Longitude: -122.2087° W

Home of a picturesque waterfront and the original HQ for Costco.

Photo of the event tent at The Woodmark Hotel & Still Spa
Photo Courtesy: The Woodmark Hotel & Still Spa
Photo Courtesy: Hollywood Schoolhouse at Maryhill Winery


Latitude: 47.7543° N
Longitude: -122.1586° W

A popular destination for weddings and wine enthusiasts. in the Pacific Northwest.


Latitude: 47.9129° N
Longitude: -122.0984° W

An area full of historic charm and rich heritage.

Photo inside the barn at Dairyland
Photo Courtesy: Manchik Photography & Dairyland

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