Two Things Are Needed For Photo Awesome: Fun People + Cool Backdrops


Two Things Are Needed For Photo Awesome: Fun People + Cool Backdrops

We offer a large selection of standard and premium backdrop options for our clients to choose from. Find a backdrop that perfectly complements your event’s theme, decor, and style.


Standard Backdrops   |   Standard Sequins   |   Holiday Backdrops   |   Premium Sequins   |   Made To Order Backdrops

Standard Backdrops


White Backdrop

Light Blue

Light Blue Backdrop


Purple Backdrop


Pink Backdrop


Orange Backdrop


Red Backdrop


Blue Backdrop


Green Backdrop

Biscay Green

Biscay Green Backdrop

Lilac Pantone

Lilac Pantone Backdrop


Maroon Backdrop

Mint To Be

Mint To Be Backdrop

Mosaic Blue

Mosaic Blue Backdrop

Yellow Crush

Yellow Crush Backdrop

Dark Wood

Dark Wood Backdrop

White Wash Wood

White Wash Wood Backdrop

Large Gold Sequins

Large Gold Sequins Backdrop

Silver Sequin

Silver Sequin Backdrop

Colorful Confetti

Colorful Confetti Backdrop

Black & White Confetti

Black & White Confetti Backdrop

Gold Geometric

Gold Geometric Backdrop

Black & Gold Geometric

Black & Gold Geometric Backdrop

White Marble

White Marble Backdrop

Pink Marble

Pink Marble Backdrop

Red, Pink & White Floral Wall

Red, Pink & White Floral Wall Backdrop

3D White Flowers

3D White Flowers Backdrop

Sparkles on Wood

Sparkles on Wood Backdrop

Dangling Lights

Dangling Lights Backdrop


Hedge Backdrop

Aloha Floral

Aloha Floral Backdrop

Gold Sparkle

Gold Sparkle Backdrop

Silver Sparkle

Silver Sparkle Backdrop

Rose Gold Roses

Rose Gold Roses Backdrop

Pink Bohemian Triangle

Pink Bohemian Triangle Backdrop

Rustic White Balloons

Rustic White Balloons Backdrop

Gold Balloons

Gold Balloons Backdrop

Lighted Rustic Wall

Lighted Rustic Wall Backdrop

Rustic Wood

Rustic Wood Backdrop

Cafe Wood

Cafe Wood Backdrop

Hanging Cafe Lights

Hanging Cafe Light Backdrop

Black & Grey Damask

Black & Grey Damask Backdrop

Black & White Damask

Black & White Damask Backdrop

Rhinestone Swag

Rhinestone Swag Backdrop

Golden Trefoils

Golden Trefoils Backdrop

3D White Floral Heart

3D White Floral Heart Backdrop

3D Pink Floral Heart

3D Pink Floral Heart Backdrop

Gold Light Bokeh

Gold Light Bokeh Backdrop

Silver Bokeh

Silver Bokeh Backdrop

Midnight Sparkle

Midnight Sparkle Backdrop

Sparkling Bokeh

Sparkling Bokeh Backdrop

Rose Gold Sequin

Rose Gold Sequin Backdrop

Gold Confetti

Gold Confetti Backdrop

Miami Sunset

Miami Sunset Backdrop

Sunset & Palm Trees

Sunset & Palm Trees Backdrop

Rustic Love

Rustic Love Backdrop

Police Lineup

Police Lineup Backdrop

Wedding Words

Wedding Words Backdrop

Birthday Celebration

Birthday Celebrations Backdrop

Congrats Grad

Congrats Grad Backdrop

Gold Caps Grad

Gold Grad Caps Backdrop

It’s A Boy

It's A Boy Backdrop

It’s A Girl

It's A Girl Backdrop

Standard Sequins

Small Aqua Sequin

Backdrop Currently Not Available

Small Berry Sequin

Backdrop Currently Not Available

Small Black Sequin

Backdrop Currently Not Available

Small Champagne Sequin

Small Champagne Sequin Backdrop

Small Charcoal Sequin

Backdrop Currently Not Available

Small Copper Sequin

Backdrop Currently Not Available

Small Coral Sequin

Backdrop Currently Not Available

Small Fuschia Sequin

Backdrop Currently Not Available

Small Gold Sequin

Small Gold Sequin Backdrop

Small Ivory Sequin

Small Ivory Sequin Backdrop

Small Lilac Sequin

Backdrop Currently Not Available

Small Magenta Sequin

Small Magenta Sequin Backdrop

Small Navy Blue Sequin

Small Navy Blue Sequin Backdrop

Small Purple Sequin

Backdrop Currently Not Available

Small Raspberry Sequin

Backdrop Currently Not Available

Small Red Sequin

Small Red Sequin Backdrop

Small Rose Gold Sequin

Small Rose Gold Sequin Backdrop

Small Silver Sequin

Small Silver Sequin Backdrop

Small Slate Gray Sequin

Small Slate Gray Sequin Backdrop

Small Spearmint Sequin

Backdrop Currently Not Available

Small Soft Blue Sequin

Small Soft Blue Sequin Backdrop

Small Spring Pink Sequin

Backdrop Currently Not Available

Small Teal Sequin

Small Teal Sequin Backdrop

Small White Sequin

Small White Sequin Backdrop

Holiday Backdrops

Available as a standard backdrop offering, our Holiday Backdrops are perfect for seasonal events held throughout the year!

Christmas Tree Lot

Christmas Tree Lot Backdrop

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland Backdrop

Snowflake Explosion

Snowflake Explosion Backdrop

Red Snowflake Bokeh

Red Snowflake Bokeh Backdrop

Candy Cane Lane

Candy Cane Lane Backdrop

Christmas House

Christmas House Backdrop

Blue Snow

Blue Snow Backdrop

Blue Snowflakes

Blue Snowflakes Backdrop

Christmas Tree Glow

Christmas Tree Glow Backdrop

Fireplace Stockings

Fireplace Stockings Backdrop

Gingerbread Cookies

Gingerbread Cookies Backdrop

Beginning To Look Like Christmas

Beginning To Look Like Christmas Backdrop

Snow & Pines

Snow & Pines Backdrop

Snowflakes & Lights

Snowflakes & Lights Backdrop

Buffalo Plaid

Buffalo Plaid Backdrop

Frozen Flakes

Frozen Flakes Backdrop

Holiday Lights on Wood

Holiday Lights on Wood Backdrop

Golden Snowflakes Ornaments

Golden Snowflakes Ornaments Backdrop

Frosty The Snowman

Frosty The Snowman Backdrop

Frosted Wonderland

Frosted Wonderland Backdrop

Colorful Holiday Lights

Colorful Holiday Lights Backdrop

Country Pine

Country Pine Backdrop

Rudolph’s Christmas Tree

Rudolph's Christmas Tree Backdrop

Red, White & Green Christmas

Red, White & Green Christmas Backdrop

Magical Winter Stroll

Magical Winter Stroll Backdrop

Holiday Poinsettias

Holiday Poinsettias Backdrop

Candy Cane Christmas

Candy Cane Christmas Backdrop

Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights Backdrop

Gold & Silver, Silver & Gold

Gold & Silver, Silver & Gold Backdrop

Winter Pines

Winter Pines Backdrop

Gold Glitter Snowflakes

Gold Glitter Snowflakes Backdrop

Gold Holiday Ornaments

Gold Holiday Ornaments Backdrop

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Backdrop

NYE Golden

NYE Golden Backdrop

Halloween Grunge

Halloween Grunge Backdrop

Pumpkins & Candy

Pumpkins & Candy Backdrops

Zombie Hands

Zombie Hands Backdrop

Haunted House

Haunted House Backdrop

Enter If You Dare

Enter If You Dare Backdrop

Haunting Pumpkins

Haunting Pumpkins Backdrop

Halloween Party

Halloween Party Backdrop

Giant Spider Web

Giant Spider Web Backdrop

July 4th Confetti

July 4th Confetti Backdrop

Patriotic Fireworks

Patriotic Fireworks Backdrop

Land of the Free

Land of the Free Backdrop

Home of the Brave

Home of the Brave Backdrop

American Flag

American Flag Backdrop

Star Spangled Starburst

Star Spangled Starburst Backdrop

Luck of the Irish

Luck of the Irish Backdrop

Wee Lil’ Leprechaun

Wee Lil' Leprechaun Backdrop

Mexican Fiesta

Mexican Fiesta Backdrop

Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead Backdrop

Mardi Gras Confetti

Mardi Gras Confetti Backdrop

Venetian Carnival

Venetian Carnival Backdrop

Premium Sequin Backdrops

Our Premium Sequin Backdrops are stunning! Available as an Awesome Extra upgrade with limited quantities on hand!

Super Baby Blue Sequin

Baby Blue Premium Sequin

Super Baby Pink Sequin

Baby Pink Premium Sequin

Super Blush Sequin

Blush Premium Sequin

Super Champagne Sequin

Champagne Premium Sequin

Super Charcoal Sequin

Charcoal Premium Sequin

Super Copper Sequin

Copper Premium Sequin

Super Honey Gold Sequin

Honey Gold Premium Sequin

Super Mango Gold Sequin

Mango Gold Premium Sequin Backdrop

Super Matte Gold Sequin

Matte Gold Premium Sequin

Matte Silver

Super Matte Silver Sequin

Super Navy Blue Sequin

Navy Blue Premium Sequin

Super Peacock Green Sequin

Peacock Green Premium Sequin Backdrop Example

Super Red Sequin

Red Premium Sequin

Super Rose Gold Sequin

Rose Gold Premium Sequin

Super Rose Pink Sequin

Rose Pink Premium Sequin

Super Royal Blue Sequin

Royal Blue Premium Sequin

Super Shiny Silver Sequin

Shiny Silver Premium Sequin

Super Sparkle Sequin

Sparkle Premium Sequin

Super Tiffany Sequin

Tiffany Premium Sequin

Made To Order Backdrops

Available as an Awesome Extra upgrade, we offer hundreds of Made To Order Backdrops that are printed by our supplier and shipped in specifically for your event. A four week lead time is required to avoid additional rush order fees.


007 Backdrop

Abstract Gold Polygon

Abstract Gold Polygon Backdrop

3D Color Cubes

3D Color Cubes Backdrop

3D Rock Wall

3D Rock Wall Backdrop

3D Heart Wall

3D Heart Wall Backdrop

3D Color Flowers

3D Color Flowers Backdrop

3D Baby Blue Blocks

3D Baby Blue Blocks Backdrop

3D Pink Blocks

3D Pink Blocks Backdrop

3D Daisies

3D Daisies Backdrop

3D Paper Flowers

3D Paper Flowers Backdrop

3D Floral

3D Floral Backdrop

3D Flower Petals

3D Flower Petals Backdrop

Abstract Luxe Gold

Abstract Luxe Gold Backdrop

Abstract Silver

Abstract Silver Backdrop

All-American Evening

All-American Evening Backdrop


Aloha Backdrop

Angels Walkway

Angels Walkway Backdrop

Angel Wings & Halo

Angel Wings & Halo Backdrop

Ready To Bring Photo Awesome?

Let's Get This Party Started


Ready To Bring Photo Awesome?

Let's Get This Party Started


Ready To Bring Photo Awesome?

Let's Get This Party Started